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Gallery Page Listing ...
(Especially recommended if you do NOT have a website of your own)
Includes your own Art Buzz Gallery Page which shows
3 examples of your work, your headshot and artist statement.
Plus the Listing with your Name, Linked Website, Linked Email,
Art Medium, Studio Location & Phone Number
(if desired).

IMPORTANT - this is a 3-part process...
1. Please fill in the form below and click the "Send Information" button.

2. Email Us 3-72ppi jpegs of your artwork and 1-72ppi headshot jpeg.
3. Press the pay option buttons below (choose Option 1 or 2) to pay the fee. Thank you.

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Below are Two Payment Options for the Gallery Page Listing.
(Both are for US dollars - Please choose the one of your choice)
OPTION 1. The option on the left is a total of $18 Setup fee with a $10 Annual fee -
you must click on both buttons one-at-a-time.
OPTION 2. The option on the right is a total of $65 and is the
one-time fee for a lifetime Art Buzz Gallery Page listing!
$18.00 (one-time) Setup Fee &
$10 Annual Fee

(please click on both buttons below - one at a time)

$65.00 (one-time) Lifetime Fee
for Art Buzz Gallery Page Listing

(click on the button below for a Lifetime Gallery Page Listing)