SHARON FEISSEL, Photomontage
Leaf Twist I
"My main focus is interpretive works based
on my photography. I employ montage and
composite techniques and other means of
altering the photograph and/or elements
thereof to achieve the intended result, often
no longer resembling photography. Interested
in abstracts, I have explored various means
of abstracting reality into works where form,
color, and texture become the subject. In some
cases, an image may have a dual viewing
level—the viewer simultaneously identifies
something of the initial photograph while also
seeing an abstract interpretation that evolved
from it. Frequently, my work is concept based,
such as a single image depicting aspects of
womanhood or the passage of time over the eons.
Often in pursuit of an idea a series of images
will develop. Viewers are always invited to
reach their own understanding and interpretation
of these works."
Kinesia II
Pink (Womanhood)
Landscape Ribbons