HILAL HIBRI, Cast Crystal Artist
Hilal Hibri’s art is elegance crystallized. He is driven by a
cosmic itch to distill the underlying vitality of nature into
tangible objects that are uniquely beautiful. Seduced by
the unpredictable journey of creation, he does not attempt
to “conquer” his medium. Instead, his sculpting unfolds
itself to him through a spontaneous process that could be
called “Zen sculpting.” Hilal follows streams of energy,
gleaned from the nature of his sculpting material, to their
logical end points, creating curves and sinews. Using
innovative sculpting techniques and “found tools” he has
evolved the famously tedious processes of glass casting
to become more immediate and direct. His pioneering style
infuses classic sculpture with the efficiencies and capabilities
of digital art. Hilal’s pieces provide a momentary meditation
as the eye passes over bubbles and colors frozen in time.
Through this, he freezes grace. He makes the moment ornate.
Punjabi Crown